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Revolutionary Organic farming

Thanks to Gajanand Agarwalji for this article!...

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From: Gajanand Agarwal
Subject: 23 August 2012:- Revolutionary Organic farming

*My Serious Request To Your self .Below Information is intended for
education purpose and has no underlying motives to do any Business with
yourself or Do any Kind of financial transaction.
Kindly Please Do not misunderstand me

**Below Information is valid for all the people living on this planet
earth,and if you do a right choice of the land by checking whether reports
, soil reports , you can benefit more then Sadananda,
I have Proofs with Organic farming , there are many rich farmers in every
city ! which has basic things required for farming (cow dung ,Land which
floodless & Snowless,atleast few months a year ! with sun shine )*

Srila Prabhupada Said if you have 1 Acre & 1 cow Then you can Live
happily and with The email article and i have proved that it is really
more then sufficient for a family !
i began my research on 19 july 2012 during my Visit to Govardhan eco village
, managed by iskcon chowpatty . in just 1 month i have gained full
confidence that Srila Prabhupada exactly gave the best Vision for our
society (ISKCON) Varnasharam Dharm , Farming community etc since ultimately
in the Coming Future Farmers will be Richest People or i would people who
own most amount of organic agricultural land !

You can Forward this Information to your friends who may have the highest
interest in reading this article!

*Article :- Revolutionary organic Farming !*

Hare Krishna
All Glories To Shrila Prabhupada
Please Accept My Humble Obeisiences
Dandavat Pranam

Respected Guruji ,
Since last 12 Years i have been into Various Businesses Like Information
technology ( website & software ) ,Telecom ,Finance & Cloth Businesses
(manufacturing, our 40 year old family business).

Recently i was attracted by Agricultural Business in india Especially
Organic Farming ,

Since i am Born Marwari ,We Marwaris When we Try to Research on any
Business , We First try to find out who has made Maximum profit from the
Same Business ,
So i did as well and i found out information about Mr Sadanandaji from
karnataka ,Gauribidanur

Using Smart Techniques/Brains , Sadanandji has been able to achieve a
Profit of $21000/ per acre that is total approx $42,000 dollars in his 2
acre Farm by doing Organic farming

More to it, as per the indias Soil Conditions are Considered , He is not
even having the best Soil of india which is in Karnataka as compared to
other best soil in the country
Karnataka is not even considered among top 8 States accounted for
agriculture contributions in the country

as per my research as below link , maharashtra is a best destination for
agriculture in india ,

more over ,the type of soil good for agriculture is also called loamy soil
which is also found on the coast of maharashtra you can see the map
it shows Loam soil found in Coastal region of Maharashtra

So My Logic was normally a business which gives a Profit return on
investment upto 25% year is Considered Good
Now Agricultural Land with Loamy Soil near river in maharashtra is
available for only $1200 /acre onwards ,
So by using Sadanandjis Technique of Organic farming
We can Make 30 times Profit every year on our investment

Moreover land prices of your owned asset increases in time and You can have
1000 times appreciation on your land investment in time
So Technically no risk ! only gain !

My priority is to buy something near a river /dam with Loam soil for
organic farming


This is a intense website of people who are serious about farming ,

i am also in talking terms with agriculture scientist and we are discussing
how we can maximise return with any agriculture land so even the land which
are not considered good for particular crops , can be considered ,

as per my research i shall choose organic Herbal medicine plantation since
, it is the most profitable.

Fruits Like Noni are in Great demand and even our devotee friend owner of
Lupin group Desh bandhuji has also started noni drink manufacturing on a
large scale

another supported fact about profiting with noni :)

as per the land offers i have received from various villages /farmers in
maharashtra from price of range of $900/acre to $ 5000/acre , i am
thinking hard about chiplun which also means Abode of Lord Parshuram

There is 100 thousand acres of land available for sale /400 sq kilomteres
(size of Mumbai ) in this coastal areas of Maharashtra and if we all
devotees can buy this land and use it for organic farming , we can later
convert this area into Worlds First Vedic city

This is just for your info , may be we can do more better then this farmer
Sadanandaji at ANY ISKCON FARM COMMUNITY in the world

My Vision is ISKCON should become a independent fund sufficient community
which may not need funds from outside to survive and grow at 25% to 50%
per year

Very interesting documentaries

Bhaskar Save International award winner *

*Deepak Suchde*
Alexander Petroff !! a Famous Talk at Ted *

Alexander Petroff -- Building a sustainable village in the Congo -

TEDxEast - Alex Petroff - Farming Peace and Ending Poverty, Eastern Congo's
Hidden Gem -


A full fledged City Farmer my friend vipul


Who says one needs land to grow vegetables?
And who feels that Organic farming practices do not give sufficient yields?

A visit to our enthusiastic member Vipul Sanghvi's terrace will put to rest
any such doubts.

After dedicatedly making Amrut Mitti for a year

the roof top garden in a span of six months resembles a food forest.

Renamed as the 'Kasturi Vaatika', this space of about 1000 sft. has been
consistently yielding vegetables – enough to sustain 3 or 4 families' daily


So deep is Vipul's love for the plants

that he often refuses to undertake trimming of his plants. This creates
such dense & shaded patches, it almost resembles a forest.

And the terrace is utilised not just for growing Fruits & Vegetables..

......, but also for flowering plants.


These flowers attract bees and other insects which effectively pollinate
the plants, thereby providing such bounty of fruits.

And of course there are some star attractions as well - the fiery tabasco
peppers, the corn and the young pomegranate.
All in all, he has managed to recreate a paradise in the concrete city.


A star student, a dedicated sincere volunteer Vipul has set an example.
Are you motivated to follow?

A few blow up of the photographs, as suggested by our readers


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