Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Maharastra Gives Green Signal to Home-Schooling, Launches New Board! Get Details Here
Can you imagine a school without a big building, children running around a playground, classrooms, notes scribbled on the blackboard?
Growing up, the school is a second home for most of us, where the teacher dons the role of a second parent. But what if a student did not leave the first home for the second and was taught by her biological parents?
Homeschooling is a less explored concept in India, but it has a growing interest, nevertheless.
In this regard, the Maharashtra government on January 10, 2019, launched ‘Open SSC board’, an initiative that encourages students to pursue schooling from home.
One of the key reasons for this initiative is to encourage and empower young athletes and artists, who spend considerable time in practice and tournaments and because of this, are unable to pursue formal schooling.
State Education and Sports Minister Vinod Tawde, said in a report published by The Indian Express, “At the age of 10, you can appear for class 5 exam, at the age of 13 for class 8 exam, and as a 15-year-old for class 10 (SSC) exam.”
Many students quit their passions when they enter classes 9 and 10 since they are unable to juggle their academic requirements and rigorous schedules. This initiative will help in changing that since students will now have more flexibility.

Eastern India’s first “International Vedic Pathashala” inaugurated by Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj

Eastern India’s first ‘International Vedic Pathashala’ was inaugurated today by Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj,  along with ParamPujyaAcharyaSwami Govindadev Giri Maharaj at Shri Gaurang Veda Vidyalaya campus, Baruli Gobindapur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.Shri Sudhir Jalan, founder was also present at the occasion. Shri Jalan has dedicated this “International Vedic Pathashala” in the memory of his mother late Smt  Shanti Devi Jalan .
The main objective of this Pathashala is to preserve and promote the tradition of oral pronunciation of Vedic Mantras intactand disseminating the Vedic literature of the extinct Vedas among the students. Keeping in line with this, Gurudev Shri Govindadev Giri Jihas taken an initiative to build Ved pathashala across India. He made 34 Ved Pathshalas all over India amongst which this one will be the only international Ved Pathashala, where students will get training and education to get recruited in various Hindu Temples and religious places spread acrossEurope, America and other such countries. Main purpose behind making this International Pathshala is to train the Veda Scholars properly so that they can keep the NRIs and their children rooted to their Indian Origin. 
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Speaking on the occasion, ParamPoojyaGurudevShri Govindadev Giri Ji said, “I am very happy to be present at the inauguration of Eastern India’ first International Vedic Pathshala. My aim is to create awareness and spread the message of preserving Indian culture and rituals of Vedas across the world. Therefore, propagating and inspection of this priceless Vedic literature is absolutely necessary for giving the right direction and status to the present-day society. We also intend to give students the freedom to know supernatural and science based knowledge in Vedic literature.”
In this International Vedic Pathashala, students from Vedic schools from across India will get training in broadcasting Indian culture and Vedic knowledge. Under which all the participants will study various rituals, music literature, ancient discourse, computer science and English language. Currently the Pathashala have 55 students in courses likeShuklaYajurvedaMadhyandinShakha, ShuklaYajurvedaKanvaShakha. Total number of teachers in the Pathshala would 6.
These Pathashalas are being run across India by the supreme worshiper Gurudev Shri Govind Dev Giriji, with the inspiration of ParamPujyaKanchiPeethAdhipatiBrahmleen Swami Shri Jayendra Saraswatji Maharaj.
This Pathshala is affiliated to SANDIPANI VED VIDYA PRATISHTHAN, Ujjain, which is under the Ministry of Human Resource Developmentfor the preservation, conservation and development of Vedic Studies by establishing and supporting Ved Pathshalas. The eligibility criteria for the admission would be class V and on the basis of ‘pre entrance exam’. The age limit of the student should be between 9 to 12 years and education would be provided purely on residential basis. After the admission, the students will be provided seven years of Vedic Education. After completion of the course studentswould be awarded with ‘Ved Vibhushan’(equivalent to 12th grade) and will be qualified to pursue Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts in Vedic studies from KK KALIDAS SANSKRIT UNIVERSITY of Nagpur.


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