Monday, 29 July 2013

Kankrej cows

Dear Prabhus/Matajis,

Dandavat Pranams, Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah

.We are on the look out for first class Kankrej cows for our Project in
Tamil Nadu.

We seek to be contacted by two types of people:

- .those
interested in selling
.best in class Kankrej cows/calves
- t
interested in
..working with us to jointly
. them from Gujarat
and transporting them to South India

For the the latter option we already have experts in place in Gujarat who
can pick the best. We are still to tie up with transporters and other
buyers as we need only 2 cows which is not a lot size.

We seek Iskcon temples,
. .
or individuals interested in getting .Kankrej cows to South India



Savyasaachi Pr



Nanda kumar Das
... ..... ...
SB 1.7.10 purport - ittham-bhüta is "complete bliss." Transcendental bliss
in the realization of impersonal Brahman becomes *comparable to the scanty
water contained in the pit made by a cow's hoof. It is nothing compared
with the ocean of bliss of the vision of the Personality of Godhead*. The
personal form of Lord Çré Kåñëa is so attractive that it comprehends all
attraction, all bliss and all tastes (rasas).

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