Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sterilization of India's women

Thanks to Dhanesvara Prabhu for this post!

US and UK Foreign Aid Funds Mass Sterilization in India
Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Tens of millions of "aid" funds from the United Kingdom (UK) have been used
to forcibly sterilize women in India. The US and the World Bank is also
sending funds through "foreign-aid programs".

India now has an estimated 1.2 billion people. The campaign for mass
sterilization originated in the 1970s. Its first incarnation was halted
after mass riots which forced the Indian government to back down.

The global Elite are convinced that the amassing of people is "bad for the

"They're using bad science, outdated theories of population and an unproven
theory about climate change to justify real harm to real people in real
time," explained Population Research Institute chief Steven Mosher.

In modern times, the deaths of some who have had involuntary procedures are
prompting advocates to become angered. They are claiming this is a stunt
from the British government to control the population growth in India.

The Indian government is attempting to curb the Indian population from
growing. Over 1 million women are sterilized each year.

Due to the controversy surrounding the population control campaign, the
Indian Supreme Court is investigating the issue as foreign governments are
attempting to distance themselves so they will not be implicated.

One sterilization office was set up in a local school. Police raided the
makeshift sterilization camp and found video evidence that the NGO who run
the "facility" were abusing the women who came to have the sterilization

In the police report, it was discovered that many of the NGOs that the
Indian government uses to run sterilization camps are being funded by the UK
with "aid" money.

The UK has donated millions of pounds to India to fund these sterilization
camps. According to documents, the UK is interested in reducing the Indian
population in the name of cutting greenhouse gases and combat global

Foreign-aid and "family planning" funds are being used by the Indian
government to coerce and forcibly sterilize Indian women. They are
threatened, bribed and lied to about the procedure to get the women to

Dr. Abhuit Das, the director of the Centre for Health and Social Justice,
says that this discovery "smells of racism" referencing population control
in India under the guise of saving the planet as a plot to simply reduce the
Indian population for its sake. Das says that the UK should worry about
their own greenhouse emissions and leave the Indian population alone: "[The
UK] says that the poor is the problem when it comes to greenhouse gases.
This is simply unacceptable."

Women's rights advocates are angered by this misappropriation of the
sterilization procedure. To simply mass sterilize women for the concentrated
agenda of eliminating the Indian population is a violation of women's
rights, say the advocates.

There is evidence of quotas to be reached by the sterilization camp
directors and bonuses for exceeding those quotas. This reduces this
procedure to a business opportunity and not a medical procedure that needs
to be handled with respect and care.

The UK government, of course, responded to the recent scandal over forced
sterilizations by denying that taxpayers were funding it. "British aid has
not been used for forced sterilization now or in the past," a DFID
spokesperson claimed in a recent statement, though an official with the
department later told the Wall Street Journal that tax funds were indeed
being used for "voluntary" sterilizations.

Some of the women who are operated on do not fully understand the procedure
before they agree, and most procedures are carried out under unsanitary and
horrific conditions.

Conditions that cause deaths from excessive bleeding and rampant infections.

Through foreign aid funding, the Indian government is forcibly sterilizing
women; without regard for their safety or health.

This idea has been in the works, behind the curtains for several decades.
Under the leadership of top establishment figure Henry Kissinger, for
instance, the U.S. National Security Council outlined widely criticized
official policies to curb population growth among the poor in the infamous "
Memorandum 200." Citing dubious theories about alleged overpopulation, the
report proposed a massive global campaign that included propaganda,
contraception, the use of food for coercion, and more.

India was one of the top targets.


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