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CTE is a team of inspired individuals working with the aim of reviving Traditional Education. We believe that traditional education concepts, curriculum and methodologies have a solution to the quagmire of complexities that is exists in the society today due to lack of value education.  Our proposal is no less than reviving traditional education through establishing and encouraging Vedapathashalas, Gurukulas, Madrasas and other such traditional models. In support to this aim, we also intend to do the following:

  1. To document the knowledge, techniques and methodologies related the traditional education from the domain and create a meta data.
  2. To widely network with the existing Vedpathashalas, Gurukulas and Madrasas and create a resource book and update the same.
  3. To research manuscripts, translate in different languages and publish them in order to reestablish the lost curriculum of traditional education.
  4. To conduct workshops, seminars and conferences to advance the cause of the Traditional education.
  5. To popularize Sanskrit as an important medium of instruction.
  6. To promote and facilitate cow protection as an essential and integral part of traditional education.
CTE is not funded by the Government or the corporate sector. Individual donors provide dakshina (contributions done as a duty and based on one’s capacity). We greatly appreciate such contributions and in humility we reciprocate through few schemes.
We are firmly convinced that we are just the instruments in the hands of God and nothing is in our control except our honest intentions. Your participation in this journey will be exciting!

Key Focus Areas: (expandable links)

1.       Curriculum research
2.       Networking
3.       Publications
4.       Establishing Gurukulas

Curriculum research:
The curriculum of the Traditional Education is lost to the modern world. But we are convinced this treasure can be still unearthed with active research. Manuscript mission and documentation is presently the scope of our research activity.

There is a strong need for resource sharing, knowledge sharing, strengthening this movement of alternative education and creating a strong future for the children. In order to facilitate this a strong network is a necessity. Currently CTE is networked with a good number of traditional Gurukulas, Vedapathashalas and other alternative education sites. We are constantly endeavoring to expand this network.

Publications wing of CTE is an important disseminating tool. We publish books, a journal called Journal of Traditional Education, a magazine called “Gurukul Times” and pamhplets
We have published one book and are having atleast 30 books in the pipeline soon to be rolled out.

Establishing Gurukulas:
We interact with the parents and stakeholders interested to start Gurukula and phase wise establish model Gurukulas taking into consideration various factors. 

Key people
Shri Harsh B Wari – serving in the field of curriculum research
Shri Manu Prakash Pathak – serving in the field of networking

Shri Mahendra B. Wari – serving in the field of publications 

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