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No social structure, No spiritual understanding and No good character

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Subject: [srilaprabhupadanectar] Remembering Srila Prabhupada - Our next
Morning walk at City Beach
On his morning walk at City Beach, Prabhupada spoke more about the flaws of
modern civilisation. Paramahamsa described a news article he had read
describing how New York City was bankrupt and had practically given up the
fight against noise, pollution and crime.
"Because it is conducted by fourth-class men," Prabhupada warned, "the whole
civilisation will collapse. There is no social structure, no spiritual
understanding and no good character."
A municipal bus, with only one or two passengers on board drove past.
Prabhupada had witnessed the same empty bus on his last few walks on the
beach. This was an example of wastage, he said. He recalled a flight from
Nairobi to London where the only passengers had been his own party of five.
"Such a big plane, consuming so much petrol, and vacant for passengers. Many
times we had that experience -- such an artificial way of life."
Technological advancement, Prabhupada pointed out, was not real
civilisation. "They do not know what is advancement. They had no knowledge
that: 'I have to die, and I have to accept another body after death.' They
do not know it. So long as this body is there, they are trying to have a
very comfortable position. But they do not know that after this body, they
have to accept another body. So how will this technology help them? If, in
this life, by technological advancement they live very comfortably, and next
life they become a dog, then where is the advancement? That they do not
Prabhupada gave the example of the three-week visa they had obtained to come
to Australia. "Suppose in Perth I begin one skyscraper knowing that I shall
remain here for only three weeks. Is this intelligence? Similarly, at any
moment I can be kicked out."
Prabhupada cited an English proverb. "There are many dangers between the cup
and the lip. You are going to drink tea. The distance is " Prabhupada
demonstrated the distance by holding an imaginary cup -- "Here is cup and
here is lip -- there may be many dangers. So suppose in drinking tea there
is some choking within the throat and coughing, you may die immediately.
This is our position."
As the walk proceeded, Prabhupada pointed out that all the vacant land
around him was another graphic example of the technologically advanced
society's misuse of resources.
"We can produce so much food grains if it is utilised -- fruits, flowers,
vegetables and grains. This land is very good for producing potatoes and
watermelon. But who is doing that? Watermelon is such a nice thing; and
potato, you boil potato and take watermelon, you have full nourishment. Very
innocent and simple food. But this land is vacant."
Later, Prabhupada summed up. "Caitanya Mahaprabhu said: sunyayitam jagat
sarvam govinda-virahena me. Sunyayitam means zero. The advancement of modern
civilisation is zero, but if you add many thousands of zeros, does the value
increase? No, it simply remains zero. But if you add a "one" it will
increase the value. That "one" is Krsna consciousness. That will make this
material civilisation important -- a hundred, a thousand times more
- From "The Great Transcendental Adventure" by HG Kurma Prabhu

Our next program
Paramahamsa surveyed the morning newspaper. The day before, in what US
President Ford described as "an act of piracy", the Cambodian Government
seized the 10,000 tonne US freighter Mayaguez, 96km off the Cambodian coast
in the Gulf of Thailand. Now, in retaliation, the US Navy had sunk three
Cambodian gun boats. Paramahamsa reported these war-like events to Srila
Prabhupada in his room.
Prabhupada was ominously dismissive: "The capitalists will destroy the
communists, the communists will destroy the capitalists and the whole
civilisation will be destroyed. Then, a new civilisation will arise. It is
inevitable. People will be forced into the forest. Our next program will be
to organise the farm communities, to give the people full engagement. If
they are fully engaged, then they will forget the allurement of the Western
'civilisation' of sex and intoxication. In this way there must be strong
fighting against the demonic civilisation to save human society."
- From "The Great Transcendental Adventure" by HG Kurma Prabhu

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Fwd: FW: The Arrogance of Authority

An amusing sideliner! Thanks to Balabhadra Prabhu!
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*****The Arrogance of Authority*****

A DEA officer stopped at a ranch in Texas , and talked with an old rancher.
He told the rancher, "I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown
The rancher said, "Okay , but don't go in that field over there.....", as
he pointed out the location.
The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, " Mister, I have the authority of
the Federal Government with me !"
Reaching into his rear pants pocket, he removed his badge and proudly
displayed it to the rancher.
"See this badge?! This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish....
On any land !!
No questions asked or answers given!! Have I made myself you
understand ?!!"
The rancher nodded politely, apologized, and went about his chores.
A short time later, the old rancher heard loud screams, looked up, and saw
the DEA officer running for his life, being chased by the rancher's big
Santa Gertrudis bull......
With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it seemed
likely that he'd sure enough get gored before he reached safety. The
officer was clearly terrified.
The rancher threw down his tools, ran to the fence and yelled at the top
of his lungs.....
(I just *love* this part....)

"Your badge, show him your BADGE........ ! !"
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Catastrophe averted in India - Planning commission withdraws proposal

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23rd March, 2012
Gudi Padva
Dear Friends,
Catastrophe averted – Planning Commission withdraws proposal to lift ban on
export of beef.
As soon as Viniyog Parivar came to know of the proposal of sub-group
on Meat and Abattoirs in the working group of Agriculture Ministry,
making recommendation to the Planning Commission that the  present ban
on beef export in the Import-Export policy of the  country  should be
lifted, we raised an alarm on 16-2-2012  which was spread  to
thousands and lakhs of people through email and other modes and people
in lakhs sent their protests to the Planning Commission.  This has
yielded the desired result and the Planning Commission has issued a
Press release on 16-3-12 withdrawing  the proposal,  a copy of which
is attached herewith.
The Planning Commission has the audacity to describe this grave
recommendation as "an inadvertent clerical mistake".  If such
inadvertent clerical mistakes can creep up at the level of Planning
Commission of the country, God save this country.
Anyway, congratulations friends, for your successful campaign and
Viniyog Parivar thanks all persons, organizations and Jeevdaya premis
who took very strong and active part in this campaign.  At the same
time, please beware !  The meat lobby will not leave it  so easily.
It is bound to try all tricks in its bag after a lull and we need to
be ever vigilant. The Government machinery has lakhs of clerks and
hence there are lakhs of chances of inadvertent clerical errors !
With regards,
Viniyog Parivar

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ISKCON Malaysia has just acquired 400-acre land!

CONGRATULATIONS to Goloka Chandra Prabhu, Simhesvara Prabhu and team!!!
ISKCON Malaysia has just acquired a 400-acre orchard to be utilised for
expanding our cow protection activities.
The orchard, located 108km from Kuala Lumpur city, currently has a variety
of tropical fruit trees, mainly jackfruit, and also starfruit, roseapple,
guava, lime etc. We plan to maintain the existing fruit trees and further
cultivate coconuts and grass extensively on the land to support free grazing
by cows.
Our plan is to start up an integrated dairy farm on the orchard. We
currently maintain 28 cows and bulls on a small 20-acre dairy farm on a hill
resort about 60km from the city. Some of the animals will be transferred to
the bigger orchard land when we expand our cow protection and farming
activities there.
In line with this expansion, we are looking for enthusiastic devotees to
work on this project, preferably those with experience in training bulls, or
looking after cows, milking, making pancagavya products, farming or any
other related work.
Devotees who are willing to serve on our farms will be provided with monthly
allowance, accomodation, prasadam and return airfare for annual pilgrimage
to India. We are flexible on the terms of service. If you are doing nice
service, we'll do our part to help you continue doing so.
Devotees who are interested in not only working on the land but also in
utilising portions of it for any project related to cow protection and
farming, are also invited to put forward their proposals. If we find your
idea feasible, we will explore it further with you.
If you have expertise in any field related to cow protection and farming, we
definitely would like to hear from you.
Srila Prabhupada planted the seeds of Krishna Consciousness in Malaysia when
he visited the country in 1971 for a few days on his way to Australia.
Currently there are about 30 ISKCON temples and centres in the country,
almost in every major town.
Malaysia also has the distinction of organising the largest number Ratha
Yatra festivals outside India. The chariot of Lord Jagannatha is annually
taken on the streets of almost every major town in the country, pulled by
large crowds of devotees and public.
Malaysia is only a short hop away from India and many airlines cover the
route. Budget airlines like AirAsia fly between the two countries for as
little as USD100 only. Many devotees transit through Malaysia on their
travels to and from India.
Malaysia has a mild sunny climate all year round with plenty of rain and
generally fertile soils. The land and environment has always been very
conducive for agrarian activities.
Srila Prabhupada said on several occasions that during the Vedic age,
Malaysia was famous for her fragrant sandalwood trees.
For example, in his book, "Teachings of Queen Kunti", Srila Prabhupada wrote
in Chapter 15: Beyond Birth and Death:
kecid ahur ajam jatam punya-slokasya kirtaye yadoh priyasyanvavaye
malayasyeva candanam
"Some say that the Unborn is born for the glorification of pious kings, and
others say that He is born to please King Yadu, one of Your dearest
devotees. You appear in his family as sandalwood appears in the Malaya
Hills." (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.32)
"iThe appearance of Lord Krsna is compared to the growth of sandalwood trees
in the Malaya Hills (malayasyeva candanam). There are two Malayas - the
Malaya Hills and the part of the world now known as Malaysia. The candana
tree, or sandalwood tree, can grow anywhere - there is no rule that it has
to grow in Malaysia or the Malaya Hills - but because this sandalwood grows
in large quantities in those parts of the world, it is known as
malaya-candana. In the Western countries there is scented water known as eau
de cologne. It can be manufactured anywhere, but because it was originally
manufactured in the city of Cologne, it is known as eau de cologne.
Similarly, sandalwood can grow anywhere, but because it was originally very
prominent in Malaysia and the Malaya Hills, it is known as Malayan
sandalwood. Kunti offered this prayer five thousand years ago, and this
indicates that sandalwood was growing five thousand years ago in Malaysia.
"Malaysia" is not a new name; it was known thousands and thousands of years
ago to the followers of the Vedic culture. Nowadays, of course, Malaysia is
growing rubber trees because there is a good demand for rubber, but formerly
Malaysia grew sandalwood on a large scale because there was a great demand
for sandalwood, especially in India."
Sandalwood can still be found growing wild deep in the rainforests of
Malaysia. Lately there has been some revival of interest in cultivating
sandalwood and aghuru on a commercial scale in the country due to the high
prices for these fragrant oils on the international market. Weight for
weight, sandalwood and aghuru oils fetch higher prices than gold itself!
Malaysia's tropical rainforests, said to be the oldest in the world, is home
to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Unfortunately, years of uncontrolled
logging and clearing has depleted much of the forest resources and life
Since our farms are well located nearby the remnants of the natural forests
(and yet within 90-minute drive from our city temple), devotees serving on
our farms will enjoy a healthier, close-to-nature lifestyle. If you are
looking to practise simple living, high thinking within a Krishna-conscious
farm community, this is the place for you.
For the adventurous, there is plenty to explore around. For example, nearby
our orchard is a forest reserve where elephants (protected species under the
law) are sheltered. You can get to ride the elephants, take pictures with
them, feed them or even bathe with them in the river. Many visitors and
tourists drive all the way from the city just to see the elephants.
There is also a deer park nearby. If you want to see real wild life, go
trekking into the surrounding forest and if you're lucky, you might
encounter the Malayan tiger face-to-face!
Devotees who are interested in serving in the exciting farm projects now
taking shape in Malaysia are invited to contact either:
Simhesvara dasa +60-12-3798743 skype: simhes
Goloka Candra dasa +60-12-2075159 skype:
Your servant, Goloka Candra dasa

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Release of "Village Life - Our Philosophy, Our Life, Our Education"

"Our philosophy is that you produce your food anywhere you stay, and keep
cows, take milk, produce vegetables, food grains, and chant Hare Krsna.
That's all. This is our philosophy. Make your life successful. By becoming
Krsna conscious, you become free from al these troubles of material
condition. This is our education."
Srila Prabhupada, Conversations, May 25, 1974
Daiva Varnasrma Ministry (In) unveiled its new publication titled - "Village
Life - Our Philosophy, Our Life and Our Education" in an attractive
paperback design. The tasty and insightful articles of author - His
Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami draws one to deep topics such as Dharma,
Tehnology, Development, Women, Traditional Education, Food, Astrology,
Health and Guiding Principles of Rural Communities of Villages.
The central theme of the book reflected through the main essay titled -
"Village Life - Our Philosophy, Our Education and Our Lifestyle" draw one
attention towards the importance of village living.
Here is an excerpt from the book:
"The basis of 'Simple Living and High Thinking', the norm for civilized
human beings, lies in the acceptance of village life centered on the
performance of sacrifice, yajna, which is born of prescribed duties as
delineated in the scientific system of varnas and asramas. Such a social
system, being very intimately connected with land, cows and higher
consciousness, namely Krsna consiousness, is the most perfect and holistic
way to live. When human society, due to neglect, bad leadership or
misfortune, all based on lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness and envy,
deviates from this established norm, a norm scientifically designed and
created by the highest of authorities, Lord Krsna Himself, a system meant to
uphold, protect and foster the universal principles of dharma or
religiosity, we should know for certain that only chaos will prevail and
immense sufferring must follow".
For devotees interested to collect this valuable piece kindly write to the
following id:
** **
For bulk orders (min 25 copies): Rs80/-
Retail price : Rs100/-
your servant,
Bharat Chandra Dasa
National Coordinator
ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (In)

VENU MADHURI Received State Award in Energy Conservation

CONGRATULATIONS to Rupa Vilas Prabhu and dedicated team at Maharastra,

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Date: 17-Mar-12 08:46 (14:16 +0530)
Dear Prabhu
Please accept my humble obeisances
Srila Prabhupada Ki jai
All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga

On March 13th 2012, Venu Madhuri received its first State Award (IIIrd
prize) for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management.

The award was given by State Government Agency MEDA (Maharashtra
Energy Development Agency). MEDA is State agency of GOI's New and
Non-Conventional Energy Department.

The award was given at the hands of Hon. Shri Ganesh Naik – Minister
for Non Conventional Energy, Govt. of Maharashtra & Chairman MEDA, in
presence of Sri Anand Limaye, IAS -Director General MEDA with several
other important guests.

The award giving ceremony was conducted at Hotel Four Point, In Orbit
Mall, Vashi, New Mumbai.

Venu Madhuri staff from Ramanwadi Sunil, Yuvraj and Maruti along with
Dattatrey Patil attended the function.

This award is not all in all, Venu Madhuri as a mission has a long way
to go. Your blessings, prayers and wishes are impetus for us to serve
Srila Prabhupada at Venu Madhuri.

I thank all the Venu Madhuri trustees for providing us wonderful
opportunity to work at Venu Madhuri. This award is real glorification
of all the dedicated and caring trustees of Venu Madhuri.

Please find attached are four photographs

Your servant
Rupa vilas das
Sustainable Rural Development Through Traditional Wisdom
Rahul V. Deshpande
Project Coordinator
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History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit

"This motorcar civilization will be finished within at most a hundred
Srila Prabhupada, Dharma: The way of transcendence, Ch10

Thanks to Balabhadra Prabhu for this wonderful article.
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Subject: Fwd: History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit
interesting article
The Federal Reserve: History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit
by Dr. Ken Matto
Former Congressional Candidate, 6th District N.J.

"I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public
debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not
let our rulers load us with perpetual debt."
-Thomas Jefferson
Did You Ever Wonder Why The National Debt Keeps Going Up and Up?
One of the most ungodly and fraudulent institutions ever perpetrated on the
American people and the world, is the Federal Reserve System which through
deceit became the central bank of the United States in 1913. The idea came
about on a meeting in Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in 1910. The
bankers in this country, especially J.P. Morgan, created a currency panic
in 1907 in order to get the American people to accept the idea of a central
A central bank already existed in England from as far back as 1694. The
Rothschilds completely dominate the banking system. It is estimated their
wealth goes into the trillions.
Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild boasted:
• "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the
Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain's money
supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."
The idea of a central bank is to so enslave the people of the country to a
debt money system that you continue to collect taxes continuously which
just covers the interest. The duped people of the United States are paying
about $400 billion dollars per year to the IRS which is the collection
agency for the Federal Reserve. By the way, the Federal Reserve is a
privately owned bank with 10 private members. The Chase Manhattan Bank is a
member which is owned by the Rockefellers who are Rothschild Agents. I
will list the ten member banks at the end of this article..
At this point the citizens of the United States falsely owe these lemmings
over 13 trillion dollars. Have you ever asked the following question?
*History of Lies*
During the time of the Babylonian captivity of Judah, a man named Jacob
Egibi became the founding father of modern banking. While Judah was in
captivity, Jacob began a business of loaning out money for a rate of
interest. During the Reign of King Kandalanu of Babylon (circa 648-625
B.C.) a new phenomenon appeared on the scene which Jacob Egibi played a
major part, and that was the invention of private banking. There were 2
prominent families at this time, they were the Egibi family and the Iranu
families. These 2 families are not a figment of imagination as their names
have appeared in many cuneiform tablets discovered by Archaeologists. It is
believed that the Egibi family was taken with the first captivity into
Assyria and then later migrated to Babylon. At the time of the 70 year
captivity, Jacob Egibi already had an ongoing private banking business in
which he collected large sums of interest. Now we have secular insight as
to why many of the Jews did not want to return with Nehemiah to rebuild the
temple at Jerusalem.
By the time of the end of the captivity, many of the others who were in
captivity with the Egibi families learned this evil business practice and
began to set up shop. A good example of this are the moneychangers which
the Lord Jesus Christ threw out of the temple. As a friend of mine said to
me many times, "Christ drove the moneychangers from the temple and was
crucified 4 days later."
During the time of the Persian period, loan sharking became a business
where interest rates of anywhere from 30-50% were charged. As time went on,
the writings of the Roman historian Tacitus, tells us that during the
reigns of Caesar Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD) and Tiberius (14-32 AD) records
of the Roman empire reveal deposits, withdrawals, brokers fees and loans.
When the western Roman Empire fell, banking continued to thrive in Egypt,
Byzantium, and the Arab nations of the Red Sea.
When the Christian era began to take hold and the church became a powerful
entity, she returned to the Old Testament Edict of not charging usury and
this idea continued up until the time of the Renaissance when banks began
appearing across Europe. To show you how some kings despised usury, I offer
2 quotations:
*...if any man is found taking usury, his lands will be confiscated, and he
will be banished from England...*
Alfred the Great, King of England; 849-901 A.D.
*...If a man is found taking usury, his lands will be confiscated. It is
like taking a man's life, and it must not be tolerated...*
James 1, King of England; 1566-1625 A.D.
With the rise of international trade which commenced at the end of the
medieval period, many of the banks were allowed to coin money for their
transactions. At that time, there was no such thing as national money and
when the banks minted coins, they were all of different value which created
a dilemma for international trade. The first "Christian" gold coins were
struck by Emperor Frederick II in 1225 A.D. Then came the "ducats'' of
Portugal, the "florins" of Florence, the "agnels" of France, and the
"sequins" which became the official coins of Genoa and Venice.
Europe then progressed from the Feudal system and with this came trade
between different nations which resulted in foreign moneys accumulating in
the various cities in Europe.
*1694: The Year which Doomed the World's Economies*
The government of King William III was in desperate need of money. When
learning of this situation, a man named William Patterson put together a
cartel of wealthy men, of which he was the leader. Patterson and cronies
agreed to loan the King 1,200,000 pound sterling which would have been
approximately 6 million dollars at 8% interest per annum on the condition
that the king would grant 2 things:
1) He would grant Patterson and his associates a charter which would name
them "The Bank of England," and
2) This bank shall have the "sole and exclusive right" to issue notes to
the fullest extent of its capital.
The people were having a problem with their gold and silver coins of which
the bankers quickly came to the rescue. The solution is aptly described by
Professor Carroll Quigley in his book, *Tragedy and Hope:*
• ...for generations men had sought to avoid the one drawback of gold, its
heaviness, by using pieces of paper to represent specific pieces of gold.
Today we call such pieces of paper "gold certificates." Such a certificate
entitled its bearer to exchange it for pieces of gold on demand, but in
view of convenience of paper, only a small fraction of certificate holders
ever did make such demands. It early became clear that gold need be held on
hand only to the amount needed to cover the *fraction* of certificates
likely to be presented for payment; accordingly the rest of the gold could
be used for business purposes, or, what amounts to the same thing. A volume
of certificates could be issued *greater* than the volume of gold reserved
for payment....Such an excess volume of paper claims against reserves we
now call bank notes. In effect, this creation of paper claims greater than
the reserves available means that *bankers were creating money out of
The King literally granted the Bank of England the legal right to print all
the money that would be used in commerce by the people and the government.
In other words the Bank of England became the sole money source of any
currency that was used in English commerce by either the people or the
government. If they needed more money, they simply printed it. It is said
that by 1698 British government owed 16 X 10 to the 6 power pounds sterling
to the Bank of England. Keep in mind this was only 4 years.
*1773: The Second Date of Infamy*
In 1773, a wealthy goldsmith and coin dealer named Mayer Amschel Bauer
(1743-1812) summoned 12 wealthy and influential men to his place of
business in Frankfurt, Germany. His purpose for the meeting was to impress
upon these men that if they pooled their resources, it was possible to gain
control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world.
He then outlined a 25 point plan on how to accomplish it.
The plan was put into operation and evidentiary information exists that
Bauer aligned himself with Adam Weishaupt who was the founder of the
Illuminati whose aim was and still is world domination. Bauer later changed
his name to Rothschild which means "red shield." He took it from the red
sign which hung outside his place of business. The eagle was clutching 5
golden arrows in its claws. It was supposed to symbolize his five sons.
Presently the red shield represents the official coat of arms of the city
of Frankfurt, Germany.
Later on each of the five sons were dispatched to a major city in Europe to
establish a branch of the Rothschild banking firm.
Son #1 - Amschel - Remained in Frankfurt and propelled Germany to financial
success under Bismarck.
Son #2 - Salomon - Went to Vienna, Austria. he became a leader in the
Austria-Hungary Empire.
Son #3 - Nathan Mayer - Went to England where he took control of the Bank
of England.
Son #4 - Carl - Went to Naples where he became the most powerful man in
Italy through his banking skills.
Son #5 - James Jacob - Went to Paris where he established the central bank.
He was credited with dominating the financial destiny of the nation of
By 1850, the House of Rothschild represented more wealth than all the
families of Europe. Shortly after he formed the Bank of England, William
Patterson lost control of it to Nathan Rothschild and here is how he did it:
• Nathan Rothschild was an observer on the day the Duke of Wellington
defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Belgium. He knew that with this information
he could make a fortune. He later paid a sailor a big fee to take him
across the English Channel in bad weather. The news of Napoleon's defeat
would take a while to hit England. When Nathan arrived in London, he began
selling securities and bonds in a panic. The other investors were deceived
into believing that Napoleon won the war and was eyeing England so they
began to sell their securities too. What they were unaware of is that
Rothschild's agents were buying all the securities that were being sold in
panic. In one day, the Rothschild fortune grew by one million pounds. They
literally bought control of England for a few cents on the dollar. The same
way the Rockefeller's went into Japan after World War 2 and bought
everything 10 cents on the dollar. SONY=*S*tandard *O*il *N*ew *Y*ork, a
Rockefeller Company.
Frederick Morton wrote in his book, *The Rothschilds:*
• "...the wealth of the Rothschilds consists of the bankruptcy of nations."
There were other wealthy families in Europe and America which were allowed
to join "the international banking club" such as John D. Rockefeller and
John Pierpont Morgan.
*Early American Wisdom*
The Americans had won their political independence but their financial
independence was in jeopardy. The international bankers had an agent in
place and his name was Alexander Hamilton who wanted a central bank. Thomas
Jefferson lobbied vehemently against the central bank stating it was
contrary to the Constitution. However, a central bank was formed in 1781
known as the Bank of North America which was patterned after the Bank of
England. The colonists wanted nothing to do with it so it folded in 1790.
The international bankers countered the closing of the Bank of North
America by gaining a charter for the Bank of the United States which was
chartered on February 25, 1791. The Bank of France desired the formation of
the US Bank also and it was chartered for 20 years.
In 1826, the second bank's charter was soon to expire and presidential
candidate Andrew Jackson campaigned strongly against a central bank which
was owned and operated by the international banking element. Here is
Jackson's opinion of those bankers:
• "You are a den of vipers. I intend to wipe you out, and by the Eternal
God I will rout you out...If people only understood the rank injustice of
the money and banking system, there would be a revolution by morning."
In 1836, the charter did expire but that was not the end of the
international banking influence in this country. The Civil War was planned
in England as far back as 1809. Slavery was not the real cause of the Civil
War. The Rothschilds (who were heavy into the slave trade) used the slavery
issue as "a divide and conquer strategy" which almost split the United
States in two. The Bank of England financed the North while the Paris
branch of the Rothschild bank funded the South. In 1863, the National
Banking Act was passed despite protest by President Lincoln. This act
allowed a private corporation the authority to issue our money.
*Enter 1913*
In November of 1910, some of these vultures came together at the Jekyl
Island Hunt Club on Jekyl Island, Georgia. What were they hunting? The
biggest prize of all, the absolute and complete control of all the money in
America which means control of all America and with it the power to make
slaves of all the people.
Those who attended were: Senator Nelson Aldrich (Nelson Rockefeller's
maternal grandfather); A. Piatt Andrew, Economist and Assistant Secretary
of the Treasury; Frank Vanderlip, President of the National City Bank of
New York; Henry P. Norton, President of Morgan's First National Bank of New
York; Paul Moritz Warburg, a German who was partner in the New York banking
house of Kuhn, Loeb Co.; Benjamin Strong, an aid to J. P. Morgan.
Paul Warburg was credited as the architect of the bill which was passed by
Congress and signed by traitorous Woodrow Wilson. It was entitled the
Federal Reserve Act of 1913. America once again had a central bank but this
time they had placed America under an absolute dictatorship. President
James Garfield had insight into this situation:
• "It must be realized that whoever controls the volume of money in any
country is absolutely master of all industry commerce."
The Federal Reserve was incorporated in 1914 and has been creating a
completely unnecessary national debt ever since. In simple terms, the Fed
creates money as debt. They create money out of thin air by nothing more
than a book entry. Whenever the members of the Fed make any loans, that
debt money is our money supply.
The United States went bankrupt in 1938 because of this system. It took the
Fed only 25 years to bankrupt the USA. Can you imagine how little time it
would take these vultures to bankrupt a developing nation? The American
people are paying about $300 billion dollars a year in interest to this
phony organization. When you look in the Washington, D.C. phone book, you
will not find the Federal Reserve in the Government section as they are a
private concern.
The national debt is increased about $1.71 billion dollars every day (as of
October 12, 2004) . Have you taken a look at your money? It says "Federal
Reserve Note" which means it is an instrument of debt. There is no real
money in circulation.
*The Assassination of President Kennedy*
One of the greatest coverups in history was the Killing of the President.
If you believe the Mafia did it, then I have ocean front land in Kansas for
you to buy. President Kennedy was murdered over money, $4 billion dollars
worth. You see, he had printed $4 billion worth of non-interest bearing
money which meant he began to chop at the profits of the vultures. Interest
free money means the national debt is eliminated and the power of the
international banking element is broken. So to prevent Kennedy from
abolishing the illegal Fed, he was assassinated. Coincidence? As soon as
the traitor Johnson was in office, he recalled all the debt free notes and
continued our country in the same path of ruin. There, the mystery of the
killing is over. Just follow the trail of the money.
Now that the Federal Reserve was firmly in place, schemes had to be
constructed to get the government to borrow so a continuously growing
national debt would happen. So here are some coincidences: The Federal
Reserve is created in 1913, then in 1914 we have World War 1. Right at the
end of World War 1, we have a depressed economy especially in the Weimar
Republic where 2 billion marks could buy a loaf of bread. In 1917, we had
the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. A man named Lord Alfred Milner was a
front man and paymaster for the Rothschilds in Petrograd during the
revolution. He later headed a secret organization called The Round Table
which was dedicated to a one world government run by wealthy financiers
under socialism.
Then, lo and behold, in the 1920's we see a little known corporal with 12
men meeting in a beer hall in Munich while in America the Roaring 20's were
in progress until October, 1929. Then the Federal Reserve withheld money
from circulation so bills could not be paid, while simultaneously they were
calling in all their loans which caused the stock market to crash. By 1932
the price of stocks had plummeted 80%. When the bankers plunged this nation
into a depression on that fateful day in October, at the New York Stock
Exchange was a visitor, his name was Winston Churchill who stated after the
crash of '29, "Now I know who wields the real power." The key to
understanding the Great Depression is to realize that when the Federal
Reserve had contracted the money supply, there was not enough money in
circulation to pay bills, to hire people, to pay back loans, etc. The
crash of the stock market was the symptom but the cause was the Fed
restricting the money supply. This is their weapon which is used today.
When they flood the country with money, this causes inflation.
Then we come into the 1930's and the rise of Hitler. Hitler was also funded
by Wall Street through the Industrialist I.G. Farben. Let's test the theory
of follow the money. Here is a little known corporal with no money meeting
in a beer hall in Munich with only about 12 men. In a seriously depressed
and defeated country, there begins to rise another military dictatorship.
By 1934 the Nuremberg Rallies were in place and Germany was rebuilt. In
that countries' economy who had that much money to rebuild Germany into a
powerful country which marched across Europe and almost defeated Russia in
the first 24 hours of Case White (The invasion of Russia)? The answer is
the bankers of the USA and England. In fact, a banker named Bernard Baruch
was President Roosevelt's personal advisor during World War 2. Baruch made
$200 million dollars as a result of World War 2. During WW2 the
Rockefellers were selling oil to the Germans from their Standard Oil
concern in Argentina.
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was formed in 1919 in Paris, France
by Colonel Edward Mandell House who was known as Woodrow Wilson's alter
ego. The CFR was and still is dedicated to the one world rule under a new
world order. In fact, every war has been planned by the CFR. Every American
President since 1919 has had their cabinet filled with CFR members. Also
our traitorous Presidents fill their cabinets with not only CFR members but
those of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Yale Fraternity
of the Skull and Bones (George Bush was a member of this).
These members insure that the will of the bankers are done, even if the
President is not a member of any group. After WW2, was fought another war
was created known as the Korean War (which was started by a phone call from
John Foster Dulles), then the Vietnam War. During the Vietnamese War, the
Rockefellers had a metals processing plant going full blast in North
Vietnam. The Rockefellers have the blood of thousands of Americans on their
hands because of their supplying the Russians with weapons and metals. The
North Vietnamese received their weapons from Russia. The only reason these
rats are never indicted for treason, is because since WW2 there has never
been a declared war which means if we have no official enemy, there can be
no aiding the enemy AKA treason.
Presently we have skirmishes such as the Gulf War of 1990 which was an
experiment by the New World Order crowd to see how fast they can assemble
an army in case a country does not choose to obey the dictates of the
banker bosses. Of course funding for the gulf war came from borrowing money
from the Fed. Wherever you hear of a limited war, or some type of political
destabilization, think of the money trail. Wars are started in foreign
countries, then our President goes there and gives millions of dollars of
borrowed money which normally goes into the pockets of the dictators.
Nowhere in our Constitution is it written that our government is to borrow
money and give it away.
At this point I want you to click on the following web site and see the
reality of the death of America:
*The Debt Clock <>*

*Final Thoughts*
The American economy has been sucked dry by the Federal Reserve System.
Americans think they own property but the truth is the entire United States
has been mortgaged to the bankers. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers become
richer while the peoples of the world become poorer. The International
Monetary Fund and the World Bank are also designed to loan money to
developing nations with the understanding that they will never be able to
repay so with every loan made to a country, it becomes their death knell.
The entire world has been plunged into a debt economy which means 6 billion
people are in debt to about 250 men. But keep in mind that all their wealth
is phony because it is created money without any gold backing.
I really laugh when Wall Street bows down to Ben Bernanke who is nothing
more than a boot licker of the International Banking element who takes his
orders by phone too. So many people rejoice when the Federal Reserve has a
policy meeting and no interest rate increase happens. The truth is that we
should never have a Federal Reserve to begin with. They print money, loan
it into circulation, and the American people are strapped with more debt.
I remember leaving materials on the Federal Reserve at a meeting of
Concerned Women for America. The next day I went back and not one copy was
taken. The reason given me was because it was not approved material. Groups
like Concerned Women for America and the Christian Coalition and Rush
Limbaugh are something known as controlled opposition. They are allowed to
exist as long as they do not bring up the real issues. If they stick to the
created liberal Democrat Vs. conservative Republican agenda, they can exist
and the bankers will even make them famous. But you will never hear a
Beverly LaHaye, Tim LaHaye, Jim Dobson, Billy Graham, Gary Bauer, or any
other famous Christians ever tackle the real issues like the illegal Fed
which causes all the poverty in every country. If these people would think
for a minute that if $350 billion dollars a year was not being sucked out
of the economy and was used for the people in this country, we would surely
have enough to help other nations and our own problems. Crime would almost
be non-existent with a monetized money system. The Great Commission would
also be funded without worrying if there will be enough left over to feed
the children.
*All owned by the Rothschilds *
*Rothschild Bank of London *
*Warburg Bank of Hamburg *
*Rothschild Bank of Berlin *
*Lehman Brothers of New York* *
*Lazard Brothers of Paris *
*Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York* *
*Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy *
*Goldman, Sachs of New York *
*Warburg Bank of Amsterdam *
*Chase Manhattan Bank of New York *
**In 1977 Kuhn Loeb and Lehman Brothers merged to create Kuhn Loeb, Lehman
Brothers, Inc. *
*Now ask a question - Where is the Federal Government of the United States
listed and how much does it get? I will answer it for you, it is not listed
because the Federal Reserve is private and it receives nothing. *
*A Warning to the bankers and their sycophants!*
*There is a God in Heaven which you have spurned and ignored and He has
allowed you, in His plan, to pull this Fed scam on the stupid and indolent
American people. There is coming a day, and very soon in which all of you
will stand before Christ and be cast into an eternal hell. Every secret
deal you made, every war which killed innocent children and young men and
women, you will give account for. You will have no power nor excuse. Many
of your colleagues are awaiting the judgment right now and they will weep,
as you will, realizing that for a few years of luxurious living, an eternal
hell is awaiting. That is the interest you will pay.*
For an excellent presentation on the entire history of usury leading to the
illegal Federal Reserve System, go to:
*"The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin is probably the
best book on the Federal Reserve and the banking system of the world. He
covers what a bailout really is? He covers the International Monetary Fund
and the World Bank. He also covers the reality of how Socialism ruins a
country and destroys a countries' economy by removing wealth from the
wealthier countries and giving it to the poorer countries. These poorer
countries use the money to boost the size of their government and the
reality is that the people never see one penny of the money which is given
to these dictators in small countries. The International Banking system is
designed to reduce the wealth of our nation and reduce our living
standard. This book will help you understand what is really happening at
the present time. It is not chance but a planned destruction of the United
States to bring it into the New World Order as a reduced third world
nation. If you don't think this is happening now, then go back and watch
your sports.*

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Protection, Inc. (ISCOWP) incorporated in 1990 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,
tax-exempt charitable organization, located only at 885 Oxen Drive,
Moundsville, WV,26041 USA.
ISCOWP and the Lotus/Cow symbol are registered service marks of the
International Society for Cow Protection, Inc.
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Friday, 9 March 2012

New Community plan near Mysore, South India

A new community plan is underway near Mysore by a
team of motivated devotees and they are looking for other devotees to tune
Devotees interested to take part are invited to contact His Grace Sridhari
Madhava Das at: *** ***
** Attached is a flyer that is trying to portray this vision.
Thanks to Sridhari Madhava Prabhu, Varada Gopal Prabhu, Naidu Prabhu and
others for their enthusiasm, determination and dedication.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
>> Prabhu, I have attached our project announcement flyer for your blessing
>> and prayer to succeed in our attempt in serving the mission of Prabhupad.
>> Kindly inform prospective devotees whom you think can fit into this plan.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"Nandagram" cynosure of all eyes at ILS

Those who attended ILS (ISKCON Leadership Sangha) could never miss it! It
was right in the middle, large and beautiful! Birds of the same feather
(people interested in cultural presentation of Krisna Conscious living) also
flocked there! It brought color to the whole program and the aroma of rich
culture of Bhagavat dharma and Varnasrama dharma. "Nandagram" set up right
in the middle was indeed cynosure of all eyes at ILS!
"Our philosophy is that you produce your food anywhere. You stay, and keep
cows, take milk, produce vegetables, food grains, and chant Hare Krsna.
That's all. This is our philosophy. Make your life successful. By becoming
Krsna conscious, you become free from all these troubles of material
condition. This is our education. Don't be after these motorcars,
television, and all nonsense things, sporting, wine, women. Don't be after
these. Simply eat sufficiently, keep your health nicely, chant Hare Krsna,
realize Krsna, and go back to home. This is our philosophy."
- May 24, 1974, Rome
"Nandagram" was an expression of this practical vision of Srila Prabhupada
and acharyas. The very purpose of Nandagram was to infect all with this
vision of Srila Prabhupada. The seminars and workshops conducted at
Nandagram pulled in the crowd much more closer to this goal. His Grace
Yogesh Chandra Prabhu partnered with Bhakta Bhavsar Prabhu, both from Mumbai
demostrated how disasters can strike anywhere and how one has to be prepared
for it. We have seen devotees' life in danger when fire breaks out in
temples or communities and it is very important to be armed with such
knowledge and practice. Yogesh Chandra Prabhu is also heading up the
Ksatriya department as Director, for the ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry
established in India. The department is on its way to establish two
training facilities in Mumbai called- Parasuram Martial Arts training and
another one called- Chanakya Academy (for training one in competitive exams
such as IAS, IPS, etc).
A team of 12 devotees lead by His Grace Harikirtan Prabhu and His Grace Ram
Laxman Prabhu travelled from remote village in Southern Andhra Pradesh to
display two wonderful dramas called - "Healthier devotees, happier devotees-
offering pure bhoga to the Lord", and another drama called -"Make Vrindavan
Two seminars conducted by Village Initiative Committee were: "Building
Sustainable Communities" by H.G.Gokul Prabhu and another seminar called -
"Village Culture" by H.G.Dhanesvara Prabhu. Gokul Prabhu and his good wife
Her Grace Vilas Manjari Mataji made a wonderful demonstration of how to make
threads from wool using a simple peddled charkha. Devotees who visited
Nanadagram were amazed and tried their hand in learning this.
"Prabhupada: That is my desire. Don't waste time for bodily comforts. You
have got this body. You have to eat something. You have to cover yourself.
So produce your own food and produce your own cloth. Don't waste time for
luxury, and chant Hare Krsna. This is success of life. In this way organize
as far as possible, either in Ceylon or in Czechoslovakia, wherever... Save
time. Chant Hare Krsna. Don't be allured by the machine civilization."
- Vrindavana, Oct 8,1977
Dhanesvara Prabhu who has spent many years of research into studying
economics and acclaimed author of "Spiritual Economics" conducted the
seminar on "Village Culture" drawing the leadership crowd's attention
towards the seriousness of alternative lifestyle we are supposed to
Prabhupada: ...somebody may go there and learn from Bharadvaja how to make
dolls and prepare it here. One room. There are so many big, big rooms.
Madhavananda: Yes, I was thinking.
Prabhupada: Make diorama. People will come to see.
Madhavananda: They like those things very much.
- June 14, 1976, Detroit
The dioramas at Nandagram was another major attraction! The cultural
presentation of the Daiva Varnasrama through models displaying different
occupations were very attractive. Models also displayed ladies engaged in
various ways in a village.
Another major attraction were stalls displayed. Devotees from ew Govardhana
(Australia), Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balaram Ksetra (Hebri), Govardhan Eco
Village from Mumbai, New Simhacalam from Germany, Mayapur Goshala, and an
NGO called Apidokraft put up their stalls at Nandagram.
It is indeed important to mention something about this interesting NGO
called Apidokraft. This insititution works with underpriveleged women in
rural areas and gives them training, education and also markets the
handicraft items, especially jute products to the outside world. We
happenned to contact them and told about this worldwide meet of ISKCON
leaders. They readily agreed to sponsor a jute file bag to all the 400
participants. Each jute file bag carried a quotation from Srila
Prabhupada's letter reading:
"If these farms become successful then the whole world will be enveloped by
Krsna consciousness"
- Letter to Hari Sauri, Aug 10, 1977
The full quote reads as below:
"This is the next aspect of Krsna consciousness which I wish to push
forward. If I am able to travel again, then I shall visit the farms and make
them perfect. On these farms we can demonstrate the full varnasrama system.
If these farms become successful then the whole world will be enveloped by
Krsna consciousness."

We would like to thank all devotees especially His Grace Gopala Bhatta
Prabhu, Her Grace Laxmimoni mataji, Kaisori mataji and Her Grace Anuradha
mataji from SPT who helped us to pull this show and I must say for
tolerating us. Madhava Hari Prabhu and Naru Gopal Prabhu who helped us deal
with so many challenging situation while bringing this up. The workers who
built it for us. The ladies who laboriously gave a coating of cow dung and
mud to the bamboo walls, the painters who painted very very attractively on
the mud walls, the clay model artist who made the wonderful dioramas,
Chaitanya bhavan devotees who lent the flower pots and many others.
All along Manu Prakash Prabhu who is going to be intiated soon by His
Holiness Jayapatak Swami very soon pulled the whole thing along. He was the
main person behind the scene to enthusiastically and with great
determination make it happen.
Without laksmi things wouldn't happenned ofcourse. Yogesh Chandra Prabhu
gave half of the whole donation! without this generosity this would only
remain a dream. All devotees from the Village Initiative Commitee (His
Holiness Bhakti Raghava Maharaj, Sriman Gokul Prabhu and Vilas Manjari
Mataji, Sriman Balabhadra Prabhu, Sriman Dhanesvara Prabhu, Sriman Samba
Prabhu, Sriman Scott Prabhu, Sriman Radha Krishna Prabhu, Sriman Gaura Krsna
Prabhu, Sriman Goloka Chandra Prabhu, Sriman Gour Gopal Prabhua and
Vrindavanlila Mataji) enthusiastically participated and make it happen
sending in their laksmi contributions and taking part in the meetings and in
various ways to make this a successfull presentation. Apart from Village
Initiative Commitee, devotees such as Harikirtan Prabhu and team from Andhra
Pradesh, Prabhu Nityananda from Mayapur contributed in many ways.
Last but not the least, without GBC's blessings this would never take place.
Many GBC members walked in and spent very good amount of time amidst hectic
schedule in meetings. We were very encouraged and felt dragged in to serve
Srila Prabhupada more and more.
Thank you Srila Prabhupada! Hare Krishna!


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