Sunday, 31 March 2013


'Ambaa' a Short Film

A mother for the child gives milk for a maximum of one year but the rest of
the life 'Milk' comes from the cow. Considered as 'Kamadhenu' in our
culture, such a cow is slaughtered and consumed as meat. Although there is
strong opposition to killing of cows the attempts are made to bring
awareness on importance of cow. Recently we had the film 'Shankara
Punyakoti' and now producer of Kannada cinema 'Auto' a social servant owner
of 'Maruthi Medicals' Mahendra Munoth has produced this short film 'Ambaa'
on the significance of cow.

It is a short and sweet narration on cow protection and humble appeal a
youngster makes to slaughter house people is touching to the heart in
'Ambaa'. This is the debut direction of short film by Swathi and Shakthi. A
young boy in this short film grows up from cow milk as his mother dies soon
after delivery. A cow becomes very important in the growth of a boy. When
such a cow is smuggled for the sake of meat by disgruntled elements it
becomes a bitter experience for the youngster. How he appeals and makes the
stony heart to melt down is the climax of this short film 'Ambaa'.

The short film was screened in the presence of historian Dr Chidananda
Murthy who has written a book on cow protection and argued with Governor of
Karnataka for not passing the ordinance on cow protection, literary
personality Sashi Muralaiah and team of 'Ambaa' was joined by Crazy star V
Ravichandran in the DVD release of the short film.

'Amba'...Nammamma, by environment protector, Rajiv Gandhi award winner
Mahendra Munnoth and Smt Suraksha Mahender Munoth in Anand Cinemas is also
the vested interest of Mahendra Munoth. When Shakthi and Swathi came to him
with another project the offer was made by producer to come out with any
useful project on 'Cow'.

Mahendra Munnoth disclosed that it is duty of all of us to protect the cow
in this country. Writer Saashi Marulaiah remembered how the calf was
protected and given prominence. Crazy star V Ravichandran wished good luck
to the team of 'Amba'.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why We Were Wrong About Ghee

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Why We Were Wrong About Ghee

Growing up, I thought that ghee was dangerous. Uncles and aunties would say,
"We're cutting back on ghee," or, "We don't use that stuff anymore, it's so
for you." I wondered why ghee got such a bad rap, and soon I learned
doctors had been urging them to drop ghee because something called saturated
fats – which ghee has in abundance – causes heart attacks.

'Desis,' it turned out, were susceptible to heart attacks. Someone from our
community had a heart attack almost every month, or so it seemed then, and
sometimes an uncle we knew would die from it. So finding what caused heart
attacks was a really big deal. Now fast forward to today, and here's a new
thought. What if we were wrong about ghee? What if eating ghee, or using
to cook food, never caused heart attacks?

Research in the past decade strongly suggests that ghee was not the problem.
we were wrong about ghee, we were not alone. At the same time
were dropping ghee, Americans were dropping butter (from which ghee is made)
for margarine, a processed oil-and-milk product. The replacement of butter,
which had been eaten traditionally throughout America's history, was part of
the bigger phenomenon of Americans adopting a low-fat diet.

The motivating factor was the "lipid hypothesis." Research since the 1950s
experts to believe that diets high in cholesterol and saturated fats would
cause coronary heart disease, the kind that led to heart attacks. Although
science was not complete or entirely convincing, the idea that lipids (or
cholesterols) cause heart attacks became accepted as fact. In the 1970s, the
U.S. government, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society
and other groups, hoping to slow down the rise in heart disease, began a
massive campaign to convince us to stop eating foods containing a lot of
This is why your doctor told you to drop ghee.

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