Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Guyana Project

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From: Ramattee Charan [

Opportunity for devotees interested in community-building and
self-sufficiency/organic farming:

Looking for sincere, loyal, forward-thinking devotees of Srila Prabhupada to
help us use our 200 acres of prime farmland for spreading the Hare Krishna
movement in Guyana.
" 200 acres
" Modern, adequate facility concrete block house suitable for a
family with children
" running water
" electricity
" phone and internet services available
At the moment 53 acres are fully developed. 43 acres are rice fields and
currently being rented out to nondevotee farmers (we would make this land
available to devotees interested in organic rice farming). On 8 acres we're
growing fruit trees - mangoes guavas, chicoos, cherries, soursop, avocado,
and several other varieties. The land is paid off. Our only expenses are
property taxes and utilities, which are minimal depending on usage, so this
project is not burdened by debt.
There are many initiated devotees in the area and three large, newly built
temples not far from our property. There are also a handful of devotees
currently living on the property, using it, at the moment, for their own
My husband, Ranchor Prabhu, and I would like to live here and work alongside
likeminded devotees who are serious about their Krsna consciousness and
dedicated to pushing on Srila Prabhupada's movement. Guyana is a wonderful
place - similar to India. The weather is conducive for growing year round.
People are receptive to the Hare Krsna philosophy, simple-minded, and very
attracted to foreign devotees. Even the politicians are favorably disposed
to the Hare Krsna Movement.
We have been unable to find local devotees interested in what we're
offering. This is not a large-scale farming project but focused on growing
our own food, practicing self-sufficiency, sharing harmonious Krsna
consciousness, and reaching out to the local people and sharing our
devotional and green culture. There is so much potential here.
So whether you'd like to help or even lead this project, please contact us.
We're willing to facilitate you in any way we can.
If we cannot find devotees who would like to live and serve in Guyana, we
are willing to consider donating the proceeds from the sale of our property
to devotees with a worthy project elsewhere. Of course, that would be our
last resort.
For more detailed information please contact: Rama devi at raymcharan@
Telephone # 011-592-221-2818 or 386 462 5869


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