Sunday, 25 March 2012

Catastrophe averted in India - Planning commission withdraws proposal

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From: viniyog parivar <>
23rd March, 2012
Gudi Padva
Dear Friends,
Catastrophe averted – Planning Commission withdraws proposal to lift ban on
export of beef.
As soon as Viniyog Parivar came to know of the proposal of sub-group
on Meat and Abattoirs in the working group of Agriculture Ministry,
making recommendation to the Planning Commission that the  present ban
on beef export in the Import-Export policy of the  country  should be
lifted, we raised an alarm on 16-2-2012  which was spread  to
thousands and lakhs of people through email and other modes and people
in lakhs sent their protests to the Planning Commission.  This has
yielded the desired result and the Planning Commission has issued a
Press release on 16-3-12 withdrawing  the proposal,  a copy of which
is attached herewith.
The Planning Commission has the audacity to describe this grave
recommendation as "an inadvertent clerical mistake".  If such
inadvertent clerical mistakes can creep up at the level of Planning
Commission of the country, God save this country.
Anyway, congratulations friends, for your successful campaign and
Viniyog Parivar thanks all persons, organizations and Jeevdaya premis
who took very strong and active part in this campaign.  At the same
time, please beware !  The meat lobby will not leave it  so easily.
It is bound to try all tricks in its bag after a lull and we need to
be ever vigilant. The Government machinery has lakhs of clerks and
hence there are lakhs of chances of inadvertent clerical errors !
With regards,
Viniyog Parivar

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