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National Crime Records Bureau says - Loss of family tradition is cause of suicides

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Increase in suicides cause of worry
With the NCRB reporting that 15 persons commit every hour in the country the
blame has now shifted to the changing lifestyle of Indians, writes Farooq
Fifteen persons commit suicide every hour in the country. This is the
finding of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB). This figure clearly
signifies the changing scenario of the lifestyle of Indians who are trying
to imitate the western culture, lifestyle and traditions without
understanding the implications of adopting things in their purest form.
In Madhya Pradesh, 20 persons end their lives due to different reasons. Both
the police and the volunteer organisations have been making a lot of efforts
to check them, but to no avail. Experts believe that the reasons behind
taking this extreme step depends on individuals and their personal reason,
thus it is difficult to check it unless the person approaches the right
The number is increasing due to many reasons which can be understood in the
medical, social and psychological, cultural and traditional frame.
Indian cultural embraces the joint family tradition but due to economical
constrains the nuclear families are on the rise giving birth to 'Emotional
Alienation' which is the single biggest reason for committing suicide in the
Head of Department, Gandhi Medical College, Psychology Department, Dr RN
Sahu while talking to Viva City over the issue said, "Looking at the medical
aspect of suicide, medical fraternity treats this as a disturbed mental
status. The medical fraternity might hold the key to crack the puzzle as why
suicides are committed? The experts believe that it is a deep rooted
psychology of disturbances of mind. The state is reached by the individual
when basically three things hopelessness, helplessness and lack of work
which combine to form this havoc effect called suicide."
They medical expert of the field also believes that the traits of suicide
are genetic. It is proven fact which came after analysis and research. A
Jews family Amis in the US was found to be possessing this genetic trait
which was there in the family for 25 generations this is a medically
verified data.
The various reasons of committing suicide can be living alone, martial
discord, alcoholism, divorce, losing job, retirement, financial stress,
break-up in love affairs and drug addiction.
The reason for suicide might look very feeble and or irrelevant but multiple
factors start the process of suicide and at the end when one commits suicide
the aspect which we look at is the single reason which might be failure in
job, love, business and exams but the set of reasons are not considered as
valid reasons.
The reasons are numerous and categorising is difficult. A typical example of
suicide came to light in the last week only; a person name Anand Jain
committed suicide after killing his two sisters and mother. He committed
this act in the wake of nightmares that someone was going to kill him and
what will happen to his family after his death as he was the sole bread
earner for his family.
This figures that the reasons are hard to identify but proper help and the
identification of emotional alienation and depression are to be taken care
with utmost importance as these traits may lead a person to take extreme
It was found that 95 per cent of the individuals who committed suicide were
mentally unstable at that time of suicide. Only 15 per cent committed
suicide due to depression and 10 per cent commit suicide due to
Schizophrenia (mental illness having delusion, hallucination and bizarre
Suicide is the final outcome of the life, it varies from psycho-social
problems, and individuality related syndromes which are mental diseases.
Head of Department, Sarojini Naidu Girls College Prof. Rama Singh said, "The
economic factor is the biggest reason of committing suicide in the current
scenario whether it is farmer, employee or youth. The changed social
structure of the society had changed the parameters to live a happy and
healthy life. The growth has not grown to the extent which it appears and
every person of the society wants every materialistic bit to compete and
wants to feel the equivalent status like other members of society. The
mediums are abundant for providing the channels of resources but the factor
that resources are not matching the need of the society which no one wants
to consider."
The family structure has changed in which the elders are hard to find any
place. Nuclear families have evolved and are evolving from the joint family.
President of Jan Samvedna Radheshyam Agrawal said his group was dedicated
towards helping those suffering from 'Behavioral Alienation'.
There are few working to help like Non Governmental Organisation Jan
Samvedna, a Bhopal-based NGO working to help those helpless or hopeless.
Although the NGO is not specifically providing help to suicide prone people
but they help all those who are depressed and need to be counsel whether
student, teacher, married couple or a lonely living individual. The
organisation provides help in the form of cash and kind both in case the
victim is facing any financial problem but cash is not encouraged as many
who are not needful will try to gain from the opportunity.
The best part of the NGO is the help they provide on mobile which is
intelligent thing to do as in most of the cases the individual does not
communicates the problem faced and also do not want to share by meeting or
counseling. So it becomes a better solution for those who want help and for
those who are not able to reach the NGO.
These kinds of efforts are required as the depressed one is really in the
search of help but is not able to communicate the situation. There are very
few institutes working for helping those who are prone to committing
suicide. There is no specific helpline as far as Madhya Pradesh is
considered to help suicide prone people. Proper channels for counseling are
required for such susceptible victims of depression and frustration.
Failure in examinations and love affair are the most important causes, but
ironically, there is no much help available in the country or particularly
in the State capital. There are several websites and NGOs functioning in
foreign countries that prevent suicides.
However, GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute in partnership with
Madhya Pradesh Government is providing 108 Emergency Response Services in
Bhopal, Sagar, Damoh, Sehore, Datia, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Indore, Rewa and
some other parts of the State. This service operator claimed that till date,
has attended over 4,000 suicide cases, where 108 reached the scene on time
and saved the life of person who was committing the suicide. However, no
facts are available about such claims.

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