Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fake Rice! Beware!

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  1. No one directing the edcation in right direction. The basic reason is avoided. Read my two brains story to get basic reason. or on

    There is basic reason why we are as we are, why we remain and will be as we are, until we change out thinking and thus until we teach our students to think and grow rather than take it and vomit it.

    Do NOT Blame students, Blame on Yourself NOT Making Teaching interesting and related to real life and Blame On Us and on our system who created a separation layer between real life and education. It is pressure from parents and socity that some children are going to school for rote learning and vomiting on examination. NO one likes it, and everyone who will be free to escape it, will escape it.
    Do you want to like see boring movie and writing their dialogue, because someone will take exam?
    Make education interesting by inovlving students in teaching process, by increasing their curiosity, by relating the facts from real life examples. Situation will automatically improve.



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