Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mayapur Institute to conduct - Varnasrama College Introductory Course

The prestigious Mayapur Institute (MI) at Sridham Mayapur will for the first
time be running the 'Introductory Course' of Varnasrama College in
collaboration with ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (India).
This is directly in line with Srila Prabhupada's ardent desire and
instruction to establish Varnasrama college courses everywhere wherever we
have got our center.
"The varnasrama college has to be established immediately. Everywhere,
wherever we have got our center, a varnasrama college should be established
to train four divisions: one class, brahmana; one class, ksatriya; one
class, vaisya; and one class, sudra. But everyone will be elevated to the
spiritual platform by the spiritual activities which we have prescribed.
...So everywhere, in each center, this system should be introduced, and
there must be practical application of the varnasrama. At the same time,
this program of devotional service. Then it will go on very nicely."
- Srila Prabhupada, Morning Walk, Vrndavana 12 March 1974

This joint program shall offer the students a unique opportunity in a
convenient way to attend both three month Bhakti Sastri course and one month
Introductory certificate course of Varnasrama college which is split into
two fortnightly sections before and after Bhakti Sastri.
The courses offerred will be four in number:
(1) Qualities for Civilized Human Beings (30 qualities from S.B)
(2) Basic Sanskrit (pronounciation of prayers, alphabetes and basic rules)
(3) Growing your own food (composting, preparing, sowing and harvesting)
(4) Traditional cow care(philosophy of cow protection, milking & healthcare)
Courses (1) and (2) will begin 15 days BEFORE Bhakti Sastri and courses (3)
and (4) will be conducted AFTER Bhakti Sastri courses.
The seats are limited and preference will be given based on the interest of
the student. Preference will also be given to those applying first.
Students will require to fill up an application form to apply for the
course. Application will then be processed and student notified. For
application form as well as other details of the course, kindly write to: OR
Also look for the MI website: for more updates.

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