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Timeless Stories of Gomata

Have you ever wondered why and how Laxmidevi resides in cow dung? Why cows
are considered most significant of all animals? How come cows have varied
horns? How were cows created? How cows got their position in Goloka?...

Yes, all these are narrated in our scriptures and each story makes a
wonderful read! Would you like to read them all in one place? Then read this
article further...

"To make the mind austere is to detach it from sense gratification. It
should be so trained that it can be always thinking of doing good for
others. The best training for the mind is gravity in thought. One should not
deviate from Krsna consciousness and must always avoid sense gratification.
To purify one's nature is to become Krsna conscious. Satisfaction of the
mind can be obtained only by taking the mind away from thoughts of sense
enjoyment. The more we think of sense enjoyment, the more the mind becomes
dissatisfied. In the present age we unnecessarily engage the mind in so many
different ways for sense gratification, and so there is no possibility of
the mind's becoming satisfied. The best course is to divert the mind to the
Vedic literature, which is full of satisfying stories, as in the Puranas and
the Mahabharata. One can take advantage of this knowledge and thus become
[Srila Prabhupada, Purport, SB17.16]

The latest books released from ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry in an
attractive paperback book is bound to engage readers of all sections, young
and old equally!

"Timeless Stories of Gomata" is a compilation of 35 stories from various
scriptures such as Mahabharata, Vishnu Dharmottara Purana, Skanda Purana and
other classics. One can derive principles of cow protection in these
chapters and relish the inherent teaching in the stories.

Do you know the story why little Krsna in Goloka never wore footwear? Do you
know the story of sage Chyavana who was caught by fishermen and gave a hard
time to King Nahusha but settles down for a right price? Do you know about
how Lord Shiva made the Bull as his vehicle? Find all this and more in this

This publication was made possible with the help of an ardent lover of
Gomata,Shri Mahesh Advani.
"Being a businessman I can vouch that generally we are selfish. We
calculate profit in everything we do. However, it must be understood that
serving cows is a deal with 100% profit! Beyond such a material calculation
is a fact that serving cows is very dear to Lord Krsna. It is a devotional
service. This compilation, "Timeless stories of Gomata" woven through
wonderful stories convinces us of this truth!"
Shri Mahesh Advani, Govindas Restaurant, LLC Dubai (UAE)

His Holiness R.P.Bhakti Raghava Swami released the book on May 10th.
"Cow care and cow protection, especially in today's misdirected and
ill-governed society, remains crucial to the survival of humanity. It is but
sheer madness and gross ignorance to think otherwise. It was in Bali where
we conducted the Second Annual Varnasrama Seminar that Bharat Chandra Das
narrated the story of how Lakshmi devi came to reside in the body of the
cow. Seeing all the demigods having been awarded a particular dwelling place
in the body of mother cow, Lakshmi devi also desired to reside in her.
Although initially refused, after repeated insistences from Lakshmi devi,
mother cow explained that the only place left where she could reside was in
her dung. Since Lakshmi devi Herself resides in cow dung, cow dung is
considered the greatest of wealth, a goldmine. The Timeless Stories of
Gomata is yet another important addition to recent books glorifying mother
cow! May we all benefit from this compilation and may mother cow bestow her
mercy upon us all."
His Holiness R.P.Bhakti Raghava Swami

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