Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Interesting photo article


Evidence of the false portrayal of historical self sufficiency /
susbsistence life as miserable.

"There are unintentionally controversial photographs by policeman William
Armstrong, depicting plump and contented peasants in the 1920s, whereas
communist propaganda suggested they were starving and unhappy."


Srila Prabhupada assured us that a life of simple living and high thinking
is not at all a miserable existence. Yet the history books of most modern
cultures depict such a lifestyle as a miserable one.

"Krsna conscious devotees know very well that this material world is
designed by the complete arrangement of the Lord to fulfill all the
necessities of life for all living beings, without their having to encroach
upon the life or rights of one another. This complete arrangement affords
the proper quota of wealth for everyone according to his real needs, and
thus everyone may live peacefully according to the principle of plain living
and high thinking. Unfortunately, materialists who have neither faith in the
plan of God nor any aspiration for higher spiritual development misuse their
God-given intelligence only to augment their material possessions. They
devise many systems - such as capitalism and materialistic communism - to
advance their material position. They are not interested in the laws of God
or in a higher goal. Always anxious to fulfill their unlimited desires for
sense gratification, they are conspicuous by their ability to exploit their
fellow living beings." NOI 2 purport

Even devotees follow the status quo by employing people at the commercial
rate to do a job. What would it take for us to live up to Prabhupadas ideal?

Your servant
Samba das

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