Saturday, 29 June 2013

Determination by Murari sevaks


Jun 28, 2013 — MULBERRY, TENNESSEE, USA (SUN) — The marriage of James and
Olivia, June 8, 2013.

First and foremost, our goal at Murari's Kirtan Valley is the pursuit of the
pure chanting of the Holy Names. This is certainly enhanced with a lifestyle
conducive to gaining the cherished goal of pure kirtan.

No one receives a salary, not me nor anyonei no stipends, etci. everyone
here feels that to place oneself in this village with full dependence on
Krsna is the best starting point. Yes, starting point. If your devotion is
mixed with enhancements of this world, then you might wanna think about a

If you receive salary or stipend for your service, then your reward is there
in the money. This is going on, and it has been accepted, but it is outside
the lifestyle of pure devotional service and attitude.

So if you are feeling dissatisfied at heart with the present structure of
your devotional service, perhaps you should consider restructuring it free
from the desire for profiti.. and might as well throw in adoration and

Murari's Kirtan Valley just had a wonderful wedding, The marriage of James
and Olivia. You can visit our website for pics and suchi You can also get a nice overview on our Facebook.

About 150 friends and relatives participated in the ceremony, where only the
Maha-Mantra was vibrated by all.

James and Olivia are visibly a very special match. The pictures tell all.
They have submitted themselves to the scientific process of surrender
designed by the great devotional scientists, more commonly called our
Acaryas. The Holy Name is everything for them, and full dependence on Krsna
is everything for them.

Murari's Kirtan Valley is becoming a sanctuary for the soft heartedi no
politics, no faultfinding, no agendas, no conspiracy theories, no etceteras
allowed, kicked out, not allowed.

Complete dependence on the cows, land, and of course Krsnai to sustain us.

Make a visit someday and enjoy a taste of the life that Srila Prabhupada has
really given usi"Make Vrindavan Villages" is the order, and we are following
that one and will complete it! Hare Krsna,
your insignificant servant on call at Murari's Kirtan Valley
Gadi das

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