Friday, 21 June 2013

Moving people off of the land

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From:      Dhanesvara (das) (ACBSP) (Kiev - UA)
Date:      21-Jun-13 13:05 (15:05 +0200)
Subject:   Moving people off of the land
Dear Friends and devotees,

This is important information for anyone attempting or even thinking of
doing something on the land. Under the name of sustainability there is a
widespread attempt to move peope OFF of the land and into cities, and it is
taking place in different ways in different countries. All of this is going
on to fulfill a UN Treaty signed by 178 nations 21 years ago at Rio de
Janeiro -- Agenda 21 -- all in the name of combating poverty and saving the
earth. You can download and read the treaty from here:

According to some there is nothing on the face of this planet that will not
be impacted by this treaty.

In America and India the effort to clear people off of the land is going on
through a program to bankrupt farmers:

In China they are simply forcing people into 'ghost' cities that have been
previously built:

China's Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities

and here:
and here:

In Russia they are simply going to stop providing infrastructure to all but
21 urban centers, leaving anyone in that vast land to live without
electricity, gas, or piped water.  The proposal is to relocate people to
twenty giant agglomerations where Russia's main natural resources such as
oil and gas were located.

For some of the bizarre concepts being considered, such as 'living units' as
small as 200 sq. ft.,  please see what Occupy Corporatism writes here:

Look at this map where 50% of the American land mass will be totally
off-limits to any human activity and ask yourself where the people that live
there are going to go:

And recently the EU declared that it is unlawful to plant any seeds that are
not registered with (approved by) the government:

Perhaps good if this is used to restrict GMO planting; perhaps bad if
intended against planting of heirloom seeds. Time will tell if is a threat
or protection.

Several years ago in Mayapura I gave a presentation on this subject. It
sound weird or 'conspiratorial' to say that this is being done to force
people to give up their independence on the land, but it is going on
nontheless. Don't expect the government to make an announcement that this is
what they are doing. Judge by the results.  It behooves anyone interested in
village/simple living to know about this as it will likely impact your
efforts in some way in the future. Go right to the source:

All the more reason to seriously call on the holy names of the Lord to make
His appearance to rectify the anamolies of the age of Kali.

Dhanesvara Das
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