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Gujarat Animal Preservation Act Effective From Oct 24, 2011

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Gujarat Animal Preservation Act Effective From Oct 24

The Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act 2011, which imposes complete ban on cow-slaughter besides transportation and selling of beef, will come into effect from tomorrow, government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas announced here today.

This Act banning cow-slaughter, transportation and selling of beef and its products was passed in the state legislative Assembly last month, he said.

"Gujarat is the first state which took the issue to the Supreme Court and enacted a law for the protection of cows. State government is resolute to make a strict implementation of this law," Vyas said, adding the Act will come into force from tomorrow which is 'Dhanteras', an auspicious day for beginning new things, ahead of Diwali festival.

"Gujarati people worship cow as mother. The tradition of worshiping cow is also found among adivasi community. Worshiping cow on the day of 'Dhanteras' along with worship of goddess Lakshmi holds a unique significance as cow is considered holy and symbol of prosperity," he said.

Under the Act, those involved in cow-slaughter and related activities will be subjected to imprisonment of up to seven years and a fine of Rs fifty thousand.

Anyone directly or indirectly involved in the storage, transportation or selling of beef and its products will also be penalised as per the Act.

There is also a provision of seizing the vehicle(s) used for illegal transportation, Vyas said, adding transportation of cattle would be allowed only for the "clean" motives such as animal husbandry or agriculture.

In such cases, the concerned persons will have to furnish necessary details such as the type and number of animals, vehicle details, details of the owner of the vehicle and other details as per the Act in a prescribed format.

On furnishing the necessary details to the concerned authority, permit for cattle transportation will be issued without any fee as per the provisions of the Act, he added.

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