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Great thanks to Charles Prabhu for this important information!
Visit: **** www.theeconomicsofhappiness.org****
**** www.localfutures.org***************
In gist,
Few speakers in the conference are (download pdf on conference details from
website for more speakers and other information):
1. Vandana Shiva (India): a world-renowned activist, physicist, feminist and
the founder of Navdanya.
2. Annie Leonard (United States): is author and host of The Story of Stuff
and director of The Story of Stuff Project.
3. Richard Heinberg (United States): is the author of ten books, including
The Party's Over, Peak Everything, and The End of Growth: Adapting to Our
New Economic Reality.
4. Helena Norberg-Hodge (Australia): is the founder and director of the
International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC)
Registration Fees: $250 (before FEB 1) and $300 (after FEB 1).
Themes of the conference:
Breaking Down the Old Economy
• Corporate hegemony and the tyranny of Wall Street
• Jobless growth: scaled-up businesses, scaled-down jobs
• Born to buy: competition, stress, and the work-and-spend treadmill
• Corporate propaganda: greenwashing, "statistics" and other lies
• Fair trade, micro-credit, and the South's "need" for Northern
• Schooling the world: specialized knowledge and the loss of
place-based wisdom
Small Scale on a Large Scale: Threads of a Global Movement
• Leveling the playing field: policy steps to control the
• Ancient Futures: learning from traditional cultures
• North-South dialogue: countering the romanticized images of the
• Global movements: from Via Campesina to #Occupy
• Harnessing technology and the media
Local Futures: Envisioning an Economics of Happiness
• Local food, global prosperity
• Powering local economies: decentralized, renewable energy paths
• Business and banking for thriving communities
• Education for meaningful livelihoods and sustainable economies
• Heart, body and spirit: well-being in a post-consumer world
Reweaving the Fabric of Hope: Lessons from Around the World
• Local food for local communities: learning from Detroit
• Beyond oil: Cuba's second revolution
• Indigenous resistance: the Zapatistas
• Community from the ground up: Ecovillages and intentional
• Yardsticks of real progress: GNH, GPI and the Happiness Initiative

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i wonder if this would be worth attending?
They have some good speakers. Actually, there should be an ISKCON speaker.
Helena-Norberg Hodge wrote a very insightful book called Ancient Futures:
Learning from Ladakh, on which the film is based. i read the book several
times. it goes into the insidious nature of modern
so-called civilization and the devastating effects it has on stable
traditional cultures.
Visit: www.globalvarnasramamission.blogspot.com

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