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Hundreds of letters!

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Dear Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisences.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your reply Syamasundar prabhu.

The offering of milk and milk products to the Lord is a must for us.  This I
agree with you 100%.  The argument at hand is the methidology of how this
milk is produced.  We are not asking the Deities or devotees to be vegans.
 We are asking them to not support the factory farming and exploitve
practices of the Ugra Karma and demoniac way of the Kali-yuga paradyme which
is prevelant in the world today.  As Vaisnavas, lovers of God, we do not
subscribe to the harming of any of God's creatures, and for us the cow and
bull are especially important animals to protect.  I don't think there is a
quote saying not to offer milk to the Deities.  What Srila Prabhupada is
describing as sinful activity is the methidology in which the cows are
treated and the milk the expense of the cows and bulls
well being and happiness.

Srimad Bhagavatam canto 1 chapter 17 text 3


".....The cow's calf not only is beautiful to look at,, but also gives
satisfaction to the cow, and so she delivers as much milk as possible.  But
in the Kali-yuga, the calves are separated from the cows as early as
possible for purposes which may not be mentioned in these pages of Srimad
Bhagavatam.  The cow stands with tears in her eyes,the sudra milkman draws
milk from the cow artificially, and when there is no milk the cow is sent to
be slaughtered."

And then Srila Prabhupada says in the purport...."These greatly sinful acts
are responsible for all the troubles in present society."

So for us to support the purchasing of milk from the shops implicates us in
these activities and practices which Srila Prabbhupada identifies as...
"These Greatly sinful acts are responsible for all the troubles in present

Also in the same purport Srila Prabhupada says..."For a Sanatanist (a
follower of Vedic principles) it is the duty of every householder to have
cows and bulls as household paraphernalia, not only for drinking milk, but
also for deriving religious principles."
So my question is ...By purchasing milk from farmers who are knowingly
raising and exploiting cows for milk production for profit and when the
Bottom Line of the ledger does not draw a profit, the cows are then sent to
slaughter.  How does this derive religious principles in present day society
or for ISKCON?  We know the practices behind these dairy farms and yet we
still support their exploitive murderous ways.

In the same purport Srila Prabhupada says...'People do not know what they
are doing in the name of economic development.  The influence of Kali will
keep them in the darkness of ignorance.  Despite all endeavors for peace and
prosperity, they must try and see the cows and bulls happy in all respects.
 Foolish people do not know how one earns happiness by making the cows and
bulls happy, but it is a fact by the law of nature.  Let us take it from the
authority of Srimad Bhagavatam and adopt the principles for the total
happiness of humanity."

In Adi-lila chapter 17 purport to text 141 Srila Prabhupada says..."The
Krsna Consciousness movement is not a sentimental religious movement, it is
a movement for the reformation of all the anomalies of human society.  If
people take to it seriously, discharging this duty scientifically, as
ordered by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the world will see peace and prosperity
instead of being confused and hopeless under useless governments.  There are
always rouges and thieves in human society, and as soon as a weak government
is unable to execute its duties, these rouges and thieves come out to do
thier business.  Thus the entire society becomes a hell unfit for a
gentleman to live in.  There is an immediate need for a good government- a
government by the people, with Krsna consciousness.  Unless the masses of
people become Krsna conscious, they cannot become good men.  The Krsna
consciousness movement that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu started by chanting
Hare Krsna maha-mantra still has potency.  Therefore people should
understand it seriously and scientifically and spread it all over the

So , one of our responsibilities to Srila Prabhupada is to show the world
many things which will bring Society at large out of the darkness of
ignorance.  One of the most important things that we must show the world is
the proper care and protection of the cows and bulls and too stop supporting
endeavors which are based on sinful activity, such as the modern day dairy
system.  This is the issue at hand..the continuing purchase of dairy
products which are produced under conditions which Srila Prabhupad describes
as "These greatly sinful acts are responsible for all the troubles in
present society."

The issue is not being a vegan or non vegan.....the issue is supporting
endaevors which are based on sinful acts.

Since the debt to the Spirituall Master can never be repaid, we owe it to
Srila Prabhupada to show the example of real cow protection and to stop
making excuses why we have not world wide put together an exemplary example
of cow protection and agriculture powered by the  bulls.

"I have heard that you are a very good man with cows.  Your service would be
very valuable here in India.  I think you could travel to the centers here
where we keep cows and try to establish a very high cow-protection standard.
 Our cow protection program in India should be the exemplary standard for
the whole world.  So, if you like, come to India as soon as possible.  You
may come directly to Calcutta and from there you can go to Sri Mayapur
Chandrodaya Mandira.  I want to improve our gosala here in Mayapur first."
 PL to Devakinandana dasa 8th April, 1975.

Our first and foremost business is to please Guru and Gouranga.  We are all
in agreement that Srila Prabhupada wants us to produce our own milk for the
Deities and devotees. So lets put the energy into the devotees protecting
the cows and working the bulls and showing  the positive alternative to the
slaughterhouse dairy industries which are knowingly murdering Lord krsna's
dear most friends, the cows and bulls.

Begging to remain your servant in the service of Lord krsna's cows

Balabhadra das

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 2:22 PM, Syamasundara (das) (Bhaktivedanta Manor -
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> Dear Prabhus,
> Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
> Yikes this is a hot topic.
> Please forgive any failings or different opinions that I am about to list.
> I
> am not going to talk about the importance of producing our own milk because
> it is clear that is what Srila Prabhupada wanted.
> I do not believe that it is adharmic to use milk from a cow even if that
> cow
> is later abused in some way.
> When Lord Caitanya was talking with the chand kazi He did not say it was
> sinful to drink milk from a cow that is killed. He said it was sinful to
> kill the cow.
> Milk is the food prescribed by Krishna as food for humans. A human drinking
> milk is eating food prescribed for him. A cow producing that milk is
> engaging in its own dharma. Milk is for humans and the cow is meant to
> produce it.
> There is no quote anywhere that I have come across that says there is sin
> in
> drinking the milk of a cow.
> In the life of Srila Prabhupada he drank milk and never did he say we
> should
> stop drinking it. We must be careful that we dont inadvertently criticize
> him indirectly by criticizing the drinking of milk. I have never read a
> quote where Srila Prabupada has condemned milk from a cow that was killed,
> or its calf.
> The quote from SB 1.17.3 does not list the drinking of milk as the causes
> of
> the problems in present society.
> In the story of Prithu maharaja it is stated the steps to get milk and one
> of them is to have a calf. So producing calves is dharmic to produce milk.
> If the farmer then kills them he will suffer the consequences. the user of
> the milk will not as that is the food sanctioned by Krishna.
> We should be very careful that in our endeavours to establish a cow
> protection alternative we dont undermine the practices taught and lived by
> Srila Prabhupada in regards to our relationship with milk.
> Milk should be offered to the deities, we should produce our own milk, if
> that is not available we should use the best milk available. It is wrong to
> teach that we should stop offering milk to the deities if it is not from
> our
> own cows. There is no Srila Prabhupada Quote to support the stopping of
> provision of milk to the deities or the devotees or anyone else.
> Does anybody have a quote condeming the drinking of milk?
> ys syamasundara dasa
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