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Ghee or not

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From: Gaura Sakti (das) SRS (New Vraja-dhama - HU)
Date: 21-Nov-11 08:25 (09:25 +0100)
Subject: Re: ghee or not
Hare Krishna,
As I see we always come to a dead end with this issue.
It is because of the following:
Untill the categroy of "blood-milk" is not determined with all its natural
qualities till all this kind of discussions and debtes will bring no fruit.
The word "blood-milk" is generally used by Balabhadra Prabhu, who is the
Cow Protection Minister of ISKCON. The way he is using is it in general
speaking is as follows (he may correct me on this):
blood-milk = milk coming from abused cows
(expoilted, phisically offended, killed)
So the real issue behind all what is going on here is of theological nature:
1. Is using blood-milk contains sin?
- if yes can it be nullified by offering it to the Lord
2. Is using blood-milk acceptable practice in Iskcon in certain
3. Is using milk acceptable in Iskcon in all circumstances?
4. Is paying for blood-milk considered as a direct support for Cow Killing
5. Is using blood-milk and paying for blood-milk irreligious and adharmic
action which is against the most basic religious dogma of not just a
vaisnava but all hindu religion, namely protecting the cows?
I guess, Balabhadra Prabhu, unless these 5 points (can be further detailed)
will be answered by the Brahminical Board and formulated as a statement by
the GBC, these discussions will never come to end and cow abuse will never
be stopped in Iskcon and by Iskcon.
For those who follow these discussions for at least 6 months it is very
clear that even senior devotees and Iskcon officiers answer the above
questions in not even a slightly different but in a strongly opposit way.
That is what I found here and that was quite shocking for me.
So please discriminate the illusion from truth with the strength of divine
knowledge. After getting clear answers from the very top, we can define
what way Iskcon should take further its policy regarding
Hare Krishna,
Your servant,
Gaura Sakti das, NVD

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 7:30 AM, Madan Gopal (das) RNS (Chowpatty, Mumbai -
IN) <Madan.Gopal.RNS@pamho.net> wrote:
> > Can you follow up by supporting your statement of "truth" with evidence
> > from guru/ sadhu/shastra & Srila Prabhupada?
> >
> > On Nov 18, 2011, at 6:00 AM, Madan Gopal (das) RNS (Chowpatty, Mumbai -
> > IN) wrote:
> >
> > > Why can't we accept the truth that we can offer no ghee lamps to our
> > > lord ships. Let us offer oil lamps from oil from good sources as it is
> > > availble.
> I might not be able to provide back up now as I am little busy with some
> land dealing in India at place where I preach.
> My point was if we have two choices - blood stained ghee(factory made) and
> oil without violence. What we should prefer.
> About easily obtained I would like to quote purport of HDG Srila
> on SB 11.27.15
> About pure items/ ingredients I would like to quote SB 6.18.52
> And a combined quote for above two points in translation of SB 10.86.41
> The point under debate is weather to accept ghee as produce of slaughter
> and
> thus not support cow protection.
> Also we may not offer lamp as ghee is not available. But as we see in case
> of pana nrsimha deities in Andra Pradesh the items offered to the lord are
> as available in that particular age.
> For the lord in respective ages Nectar (amruta), ghee, milk and jaggery
> water is offerd. So in Kali yuga pure jaggary water can be available so it
> is offered. Actually speaking what to speak of ghee it difficutl to get
> good
> pure milk.
> So better offer what we have of good quality.
> In ayurvedic scriptures it is said til (seasame) oil is next to ghee. So
> we want to avoid blood ghee and pure ghee is not available then we have
> choices. Offer no lamp or good oil lamp and I would prefer latter. Some
> can go for first which can also be OK.
> More sashtric backup after one month as land dealing in India do take that
> much or more time.
> I don't want to challenge or debate with senior devotee like your good
> but just writting my thoughts and understanding.
> Your servant
> Madan Gopal das
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